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Lost Pets-What Can We Do?
  • The Humane Society of the United States
    Five Decades of Protecting Animals Founded in 1954, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) envisions a world in which people satisfy the physical and emotional needs of domestic animals; protect wild animals and their environments; and change their relationships with other animals, evolving from exploitation and harm to respect and compassion.
  • Microchips for Pets
    Grain-sized microchip can be Fido's ticket home
  • Electronic ID
    Destron Fearing is the pioneer and developer of syringe injectable, miniaturized microchip technology for injection under the skin of animals. The products and technology Destron Fearing manufactures and markets to the animal identification industry have developed dramatically since their origination. The electronic product line includes a variety of radio frequency microchips or "tags," portable readers, stationary readers and microchip injecting devices.
  • Pet-Identification
    The Reader “IDentifier” Only £89.50 incl. taxes and delivery! With current changes in legislation (Pet Travel Scheme PETS), owners can now take their pets to most European countries, and shortly to other areas of the world, without having to put their animal through the rigors and distress of quarantine.
  • Safe ID, Electronic ID
    Welcome to the SafeID Web Site
  • Microchipping Ultimate ID
    Microchipping is rapidly becoming the ID of choice for cats among owners, local and national governments and Humane Societies throughout the world.
  • Pet Identification in UK
    All Cats Need an Identity Lost Cat - Reward The headline never fails to cause a twinge of empathy in a cat lover.
  • Do Pet Microchips Go Too Far
    Embedding microchips beneath the skin of cats and dogs makes my skin crawl.
  • Ferals Management Newbie Tutorial
    A well-planned management program is critical in saving these cats. If you have been wanting to help, but don't know where to start, these resources provide guidance in setting up your own feral cats trap-neuter-vaccinate-return management program.
  • Adoption and Microchip Program
    Adopting a pet is a lot of responsibility, but having one around brings joy and comfort to a family. Everyone grows very close to a pet and if it gets lost a person can go through worring, pain and money. Statistics show that one out of three families will lose their pet and unfortunately only ten percent will be found.
  • Pet Helpers
    Microchips to identify of your pet! Avid is the leader in microchip identification technology. Check this link to Avid's Website and their FAQ's Yes, it is a computer chip. No, you cannot track your pet if it has a microchip, but an animal control agency, shelter or Humane Society can scan the pet and identify that it belongs to people who will be looking for it.
  • Microchips & Tatoos
    Responsible pet owners are using microchip and tattoos to ensure that if their pets are ever lost and turned into the pound or RSPCA, they will be returned as quickly as possible. Responsible breeders are also making increasing use of these tools to assure that the puppies they sell will be identified and appropriate action taken if they are ever lost or, for any reason, turned over to a shelter or pound.
  • Pet Identification
    Many pets are lost every year, it doesn't matter how responsible you are as the owner. Your pet could get out through a door that was accidentally left open, your dog might slip its collar when out on its daily walk, your cat might climb into a car and not be discovered for some time. There are many possibilities as to why your pet could go missing
  • Humane Societies
    Humane Societies are generally private, non-profit organizations that depend on donations and volunteers for their work in fostering homeless animals. Many of these groups operate "no-kill" shelters, guaranteeing homes for life for the forgotten.